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I know the concept, and I want to go over the program summary & get started...

Bilingual Parenting is tricky, if you don't know the tricks...

Your house is full of tools and flash cards. Your kid has a rigid schedule to follow....

You have an expensive tool at home, but your child is bored to death...

Your kid might only speak English and hate Chinese...

Your kid can only speak SOME English but nothing like a native...

Your kid can only speak CHINGLISH...

And sometimes, your kid might even have a speech delay!!!

(I’ve corrected many cases before, so I know!)​

It should be as effortless as teaching Cantonese...
If you can't chill like her, you are not doing it right!

You should be able to: 

  • Have loads of me-time
  • Enjoy fun & quality playtime with your child
  • Raise a curious child without any effort
  • Stay calm, and no need to say “NO NO NO!” at all…

Your child should be able to: 

  • Speak in sentences with a variety of vocabulary in both English & Chinese
  • Pay special attention to the surroundings and ask meaningful questions
  • Make friends with people from different countries & cultures 
  • Respect your boundaries & Love sharing her/his innermost thoughts with you!!!

No tools, no flashcards, no rigid schedules, no NET teachers...
And you can DO IT TOO!

I get it! I went to local CHINESE schools all my life,
and I suffered...A LOT!

I wanted my girl to have an easy start too!​

I went to Chinese schools in Sheung Shui, and my parents don't speak English, but one day...

I was invited to host an INTERNATIONAL event in 1881 as an English emcee!!! (and many more after) 

It’s all because of the method I discovered when I was 18. 

In just 1 year, I was able to: 

  • Sound Native enough to fool around 
  • Understand the English jokes a lot better
  • Make jokes in English
  • Pick up a fight in English…haha
  • Be granted 7 Pharmacy Offers, including the best one – CUHK!

One day I became mum,
I thought I should trust the NEW "Proven" ways to teach my girl English...

I bought tools, books, reading pens…

I spent hours EVERY. SINGLE. DAY on those things…

I even got mad if my helper (& my husband) did not follow the schedule…


And then I realised, WAIT? 

Isn’t it the new Piking Duck Approach in disguise??? (新填鴨式)


I woke up and changed everything I did in bilingual parenting…

it’s A LOT easier and almost effortless and my girl was picking up the language WAY FASTER than I expected. 


She even crowned her first CAP in Disney World of English (DWE) 10 months faster than other kids on average!


Soon I got a call from DWE asking me how I did it and invited me to speak at their Webinar!!!

Thanks to this method, I am not just a boring pharmacist...

I've been invited to collaborate with:

Wait....WHAT??!! HOW??!!

The truth is...

And it's actually not that difficult! You can do it too!

Even a busy dad can handle it well!

Neo, Commercial Director, 10yr old boy



呢個係好重要mindset change, 如果冇呢個改變,只會覺得學語言係一個burden, 依家只係改咗少少習慣,睇嘅模式唔同咗,誇張啲講,真係終生受用!(Video here) 

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I thought it only worked for me... But I was WRONG!

I tested many learning models and finally found a way that any BUSY PARENT, even with BAD GRAMMAR & ACCENT can learn and execute the same way EFFORTLESSLY!


I thought my clients would need 6 months to see some noticeable results, and I was wrong again…


It only took them 2-4 months to get everything UP & RUNNING!!!


This program does not just HELP the child but the parents as well!!!


Look at Mommy Demeter >>>

Mommy Ashley

4 months in the program
2-year-old girl

呢啲skill 對比返我以前學外語係好唔同。 我喺香港土生土長, 我以往外語係好死記硬背, 而家嘅方法唔單只貼地,仲好生活化,同小朋友由好簡單嘅衣食住行,我地都有好實際嘅例子用英文講畀我小朋友聽。


有個bonus就係唔單止係bilingual parenting上有提升, 而且令到我同小朋友嘅親子關係更加好,我都幾意外可以喺呢個program入面有呢個收穫。


我最鍾意佢嘅地方就係佢嘅速度, 我可以好短時間內去提升我自己嘅語言能力,我嘅parenting skills, 亦都可以令到我同我自己小朋友喺呢個過程學習得好開心。 我形容呢個program係性價比好高。

Mommy Demeter

2 months in the program
2-year-old girl

雖然仲有好多位置都仲係摸索階段, 但短短兩個月都比之前好咗好多。 至少我會知道點樣為之係人與人之間嘅對話,而唔係同張紙對話, 又或者係寫一篇文畀人睇。

如果你仲諗緊join唔join嘅話,而家就join,唔使諗㗎喇。 因為你根本就冇可能係一個靠自己啲情況就可以令到Bilingual 嘅教育好成功, 同埋你唔知方法嘅話,你會行多咗好多冤枉路。嗰啲時間你本來可以用來陪你小朋友,但係你依家可能會做多咗好多其他嘢, 根本成件事都係無效率。Join 呢個program真係好幫到我慳時間同埋自我提升。(Demeter is a DWE user) 


雖然我已經移民咗去個講英文嘅國家接近一年, 但係我好明白講英文亦都有分唔同層次, 有啲人可能會覺得可以同人哋溝通到、有對話就ok。但現實係就算人哋聽得明我哋講嘢,唔代表對方聽得好舒服, 亦唔代表你可以融入到嘅文化。



You will be going through the curriculum at your own pace.

No need to stress yourself

Foundations of Me-time & Well-being

There’s no way to ask you to learn new things if you don’t have your me-time or you have other health issues in the way! 


So I will help you restructure your child’s sleep pattern, and correct any nutritional issues to ensure both YOU & YOUR CHILD can have a strong & easy start!

You will learn: 

  • Healthy Sleep Pattern and how to sleep train your child in a loving way
  • The essential MICRO-nutritions you need to know to raise a SMART kid (NOT JUST DHA!)
  • What developmental milestones your child should be hitting every month as a baby & toddler, and relevant stage activities to strengthen the behind ones (100+ Activities each stage)
  • Basic Medical knowledge as a parent

We will fix all (or most) physical problems before diving in!

Your Bilingual Parenting Plan

“You must start with an End in mind!”  – If you don’t know what goals you want to hit, you will be doing everything everywhere. 


It’s a waste of energy and time! Let’s have a solid plan, shall we? 

You will learn: 

  • How to determine the TRUE core values that you want your child to have (NO GUESSWORK, not a random brainstorm!)
  • How to know what you need to focus on RIGHT NOW and after 

You will have a solid clarity about your biggest parenting issue right now and how to fix it!

Close-the-gap system

No more “this” & “that” or boring dead “email tone”!
I will teach you my secret step-by-step strategy to sound knowledgeable, fun and NATIVE in any unfamiliar situation in just 5- 10 min! 

You will learn: 

  • How to turn on your language instincts 
  • How to re-absorb the language strategically 
  • How to close the gap, step-by-step in 5-10min
  • How to write a loving dialogue with your child (You will have access to countless DONE-FOR-YOU SCRIPTS too!!!)
  • How to use my signature 7 magics to sound NATIVE

Once you have the script ready, all you need to do is to correct and perfect the way you say it! I will help you fix your pronunciation too!

Raise a Little Ecologist today

Do you have trouble maintaining a conversation with a foreigner? Or even a local Hkger? 

That’s because you are not taught how to ask meaningful and respectful questions! We need questions and answers to get a conversation going! 

Unfortunately, no one has ever talked about how to ask questions!

You will learn: 

  • How to have fun conversations with any random subject
  • How to ask meaningful and thought-provoking questions to stimulate brain development 
  • How to bring your tales alive
  • How to recognise all the learning opportunities lying around

I promise your world will be INSTANTLY a lot more interesting, and you will be able to discover all the learning opportunities lying around!

From Zero to Global

You want your child can speak better English because you want more than to speak English with your neighbours, right? 

You want a more vibrant future and a wider global vision for your child! Now you can say your dream OUT LOUD! 

You will learn the following: 

  • How to plan & theme your home learning calendar
  • How to design relevant activities that can echo the outside world
  • How to understand jokes and even start telling jokes in a foreign language
  • Roadmap to expand your friendship portfolio & culture immersion

All of my committed clients have at least 2 friendships from 2 different countries. They are now even exchanging family recipes and creating exotic meals at home! Can you imagine that?

Handle Ugly Situation Elegantly

If you are still using “Don’t”, “Stop!”, “NO!!” or even “SAY SORRY NOW!” I am afraid you are speaking Chinglish…

Positive Parenting is not coming from experts but from the English language itself. If English is not your first language, you need to LEARN what to say and how to say things to handle ugly situations.

You will learn the following: 

  • How to create a safe space in a native way
  • A step-by-step approach to SOUND empathetic & respectful
  • High EQ love language
  • How to nurture one’s passion & purpose in life

We first lay down the happy foundations, then ease into Phase 4 to mend the damages and strengthen the bond through love and creativity!

Now you understand why my way is so SOLID & SUCCESSFUL

Exact Steps + Exact Sequence = Effortless Bilingual Parenting

Join us today and you will get:

Lifetime Access to Step-by-Step Curriculum to raise a TRUE bilingual through LOVE & CREATIVITY

6 months Access to Weekly Power Hours/Challenges

6 months Access to Weekly Group Script Practices with Ms. Kylista

6 months membership to enjoy our exclusive cultural activities
(Paid & Free!)

We've seen AMAZING results with our first batch of families

Now we are recruiting more founding members to create more SOLID magics to ROCK the traditional education

Check out the BONUSES!
If you join today...

Stop worrying about your accent!

Your pronunciation can be easily corrected when you have some basic IPA foundations and my signature exercises!

Once you have the IPA foundations, you will instantly understand the differences between British & American accents. 

I am very picky about pronunciation, so be prepared for my WILD CORRECTIONS!

IB? DSE? GCE A-Levels?

I constantly get questions about which one is better. 

So I have created this EVERGREEN tool to help you understand and dissect any education system like X-ray. 

You will have a much better understanding about each and every education system and how you can support your child through the curriculum you choose. 

Stop paying playgroups!

Honestly, every baby/toddler develops differently and the playgroup teachers often do not have the resources to tailor-make a learning solution for your child! 

Why don’t you run your own playgroups instead? This way, you get to control what activities to explore with respect to your child’s capabilities. You can easily run one with my stage activities bank and some hosting techniques to be taught in this training! 

Many of us don’t join the external ones anymore and run one with like-minded families instead!!!

Got a tool already?

That’s awesome! Let me show you how to connect the tool to reality in the most creative ways possible! 

It doesn’t matter if it’s DWE/OP/Dmind/Dr. Max etc… I will be teaching you the evergreen creative techniques to maximise the power by  200%! 

You can say goodbye to rigid schedules or boring usage and start creating more fun and powerful learning experiences! 

4 pillars to develop a passion

There is a proper way to nurture passion and it’s not just about giving one more lesson. 

If you are planning some hobby classes for your child, don’t you want to know the secrets to get your child to say “YES! I WANT TO LEARN!”? 

Learn this secret, and your child will love school, hobby classes and many more…

P.S. I am using this secret on my clients too, and this is WHY they love this program!

Prepared to be amused!

I have designed a few fun games that my clients will not stop playing them with their kids! 

My games can help one learn about global cultures effortlessly!

ENJOY!!! I can’t wait to see your pictures! 

This is NOT for everyone:

This is a GREAT fit for you if: 

  • You can understand this page
  • You want more me-time and solid bilingual results
  • You want to change your “email tone” or “Chinglish” 
  • You want to stop using “Don’t do this!” or “No no no!” and get your child to listen to you 
  • You want to know the fun ways to speak with your child 
  • You don’t want to rely on tools, flashcards or NET teachers 

This is NOT for you if: 

  • You cannot understand at least 60% of this page
  • You are not willing to spend quality time with your child 
  • You don’t want to change or learn 
  • You are happy with Chinglish and email tone
  • You are more comfortable with Piking Duck Approach
  • You are happy with the way it is 
  • You just want to use tools, flash cards and external classes

We are the team you can trust

We are a team with a profound understanding of language acquisition and child development. Our extensive background in mental health gives us that edgy advantage to support parents in raising mentally STRONG and HEALTHY bilinguals/multilinguals

The method that changes your life

Even the teachers are inspired...

Stella, Teacher & mom to twin girls

其實我好多時都會受住外界嘅影響, 好急進、好追求眼見到嘅成果…譬如佢背咗幾多隻字, 默書幾多分,佢讀到邊間學校…



點解我當時決定要參加你嘅課程,係因為你好強小朋友嗰種國際視野、語文能力係由成個屋企建立畀佢,我諗呢啲唔係一時三刻喺學校嘅功課做到。(Video here) 

Questions? Many asked me those before...

Good question.
I am here to make your life easier, not more difficult.

Normally, I expect you to go through my materials for around 10-20 min a day, which means 1 video a day during the week. Have fun over the weekends.


And I will teach you how to change the way to see the world basically. And you will turn those suggestions into your daily natural routine. Because ultimately, I want you to do exactly the same thing you do every day but be more alert and more creative about the surroundings and things you can potentially talk about. 🙂


This is the spirit of teaching without teaching.

If you are referring to the language part, it works on anyone at any age. It worked really well for me when I was 18, and it still works really well for my clients from all walks of life.

But if you are asking about the “education” part, it definitely works best for kids under 10 because they are a lot less slammed by homework, and they are still talking to you before teenage. (you know I mean lol)

In my past experiences, the earlier the BETTER because the resistance is much less. Science says babies are born to have the ability to tell a mother tongue from a foreign language. And in our past experiences, kids beyond 18 months will start to show resistance when a new language is introduced.

If your kids are beyond 3 years old, I will show you tricks to remove the resistance because your child will likely roll his eyes at you when you suddenly start speaking English.

The question is – with or without tools, are you speaking English with your child?

If yes, then are you confident in the way you speak with your child?

But practically speaking, the deepest concern you have here is that even you are 100% native with scripts, you are still worried about not having enough English contact time during the day.

In that case, you may consider using some tools if that’s easier for someone else to do it in the house. But please bear in mind that you still need a permanent way to break through all the bottlenecks in the future. So you will not be relying on tool after tool.

Good question. Always remember, you cannot solve all the problems in one go.

Right now, I want you to maximise the quality of the little time you have with your child. With my method, even changing a diaper can be fun! Remember, you don’t just change the diaper once, so I highly recommend spending 50% on Cantonese and 50% on English.

Then, you can gradually fix the daytime routine because I don’t want you to feel more stress but more ease. Don’t worry, we will get to this later as you move along!

Just change one step at a time. You got this!

Still in doubts? WhatsApp me right now before you miss this Special Offer! ​

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