Wanna raise a curious thinker?

Stop sending your kid to classes! 

You can teach your child A LOT BETTER!

Have we met?

Hi! I’m Truda, the first Certified Bilingual Parent Coach in Hong Kong and I love discovering the natural curiosity in kids and nurture this gift with parents! 


I love teaching in the wild because this way the kids and PARENTS can learn a lot more through spirited discussions!


This is not just a one-off STEAM class you see out there, I literally coach YOU on how to do it over and over again with your kids, so you won’t have to pay for expensive STEAM classes out there anymore! 

It’s an AWESOME investment for parents who are looking for quality educational coaching. 


Come join our next Hike & Learn!

In the spirit of New Year,

early bird for our future around is only $780 per FAMILY! 


Date: 30th March, 2024 (SAT)

Time: 1:30pm – 3:30pm

Venue: Kam Shan Country Park 金山郊野公園


The experience will be conducted in English, with a bit of Cantonese!

What is Hike & Learn?

We learn as we go!

No walls, no agenda, no boundaries. 
Our outdoor classroom is full of learning opportunities in the wild nature! 

I will ask you strategic questions to help you recover you long lost curiosity & questioning power, so you can inspire your kids on your own in the future! 

We ask a lot of questions along the way. Then we will settle down with some picnic fun and think & hard about what you just absorbed! 


We also have to learn how to defend ourselves outdoor! That’s why forest learning is the antidote to boring nerdy learning style! 

What are you learning?

Experience the power of questions...

  • 5-senses approach to ordinary stuff like leaves, stems, even poop poops! 
  • How to use my signature questioning approach to discover the logical explanations between what you sense and why they are designed in such a way 
  • How to start learning science even your child is just a baby!
  • Many more exciting questioning tips…

What did our parents say?

The entire learning experience will be conducted in English!