Consultancy with

Ms. Truda

Certified Bilingual Parent Coach

Registered Pharmacist | MSc. in Mental Health
Certified Sleep Coach | Certified Life Coach

Done with you

1-1 Consulting sessions with
Ms. Truda

With this service, I can answer any questions you have about language acquisition, parenting or education planning. 


Whether you have a list of bilingual parenting questions or would like me to review your home language education plan, or want to discuss anything else, these sessions can help you.


Having worked with hundreds of families from all walks of life over the past 4 years, I can tailor my advice to your specific family and circumstances.


This service is provided remotely via Zoom. With their screen share function, I can make real-time recommendations and help you take your home education strategy to the next level.



Case Study

How to juggle 4 languages at home for a 22m baby?

Bilingual parenting is a science but also an art. 


Once we have got the science facts established, then we can work on how exactly we can come up with strategic booster ideas to achieve the golden ratio that will translate into results! 


Languages: Cantonese, English, Spanish, Mandarin


How it works

Your consulting session with Ms. Truda will include information on anything parenting or language related that you would like to discuss.


Once you have booked a session, you will receive a tool 24 hrs prior to your call to further X-ray your home language situation. 

So I can give you strategies that best fit your needs. This can range from overarching strategy to specific tactical advice.

Special note for Cantonese parents: If you decide to move on with my main program – iSchool from home after the consultation session. The fee can be waived.