Hi, I'm Ms. Truda 🙂

The first and only certified bilingual parent coach in Hong Kong!


I help parents and educators raise bilingual & multilingual kids!


People often don’t realise bilingual parenting is a science but also an art.


Yes, we can easily help one acquire a language in modern days with all the fancy technologies. 


But beyond the technical side of language acquisition, I value the magic found in the parenting language. 


I am here to inspire parents and educators to tap into the creative & positive parenting mindset and raise respectful bilinguals/multilinguals together!


P.S. I am an eating disorder survivor. From all the therapy sessions I had gone through, I learned the hard way how important our wording is as parents. I might not have gone to Harvard, but I lived the pain. I most certainly don’t want anyone else to experience that pain from toxic parenting. 


P.P.S. I was raised in Chinese schools the whole time till Form 5. I was lucky enough to have found the amazing methods that helped me achieve native-like proficiency in under a year when I was 18. Now that many parents are using the same methods to achieve the same! So you can do it too!


A little more about me..

Certified Bilingual Parent Coach

Mum of one girl. Has a strong background in language acquisition, child psychology and child development. 

  • Fluent in Cantonese, English and Mandarin
  • 12 years in English language education
  • Program Creator of i-School from home
  • Registered Pharmacist 
  • MSc. in Mental Health (Paediatric)
  • Certified Child Sleep Coach
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Public Speaking Coach
  • Guest Lecturer at many institutions
Ms Truda Certified Bilingual Parent Coach
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Even the expert said...

Bilingual Parent Coach

As collaborated with...

Meet my expert team

In my main program (iSchool from home) - the one designed for Cantonese-speaking parents, I have two wingwomen to help our parents speak English to a high level in 3-6 months.

Registered Counselling Psychologist

Experienced TEFL teacher​

Ms. Shannon has 3 degrees in psychology field. Her background makes her our perfect community manager to help parents with their parenting situations. And she also provides awesome examples to help Cantonese parents tap into the English Positive Parenting mindset. 

  • Native English, speaks Afrikaans & Spanish and also learning Mandarin
  • 7 years in English language education
  • Certified Expert TEFL teacher
  • Bachelor of Arts (Psychology, criminology and sports Psychology)
  • BSocSci – Psychology (Honours)
  • MA Counselling Psychology
  • 4 years as a Professional Nanny

Waldorf Educator

Seasoned ESL Teacher

Ms. Kylista has taught many ESL learners throughout her education career. Her experience in Waldorf education constantly inspires our parents with many wonderful yet down-to-earth ways to coach their kids instead of teaching. 


  • Native English, speaks Afrikaans and also learning Thai
  • Experienced Waldorf primary teacher
  • 5 years in English language education
  • Licensed professional teacher
  • Certified TEFL teacher
  • Play-based learning trained teacher
  • Bachelor of Education

We are the TEAM you can trust

Bilingual parenting goes beyond simply teaching your child languages. It’s about using loving and witty language that respects their development and encourages personal growth.


We are a team with a profound understanding of language acquisition and child development. Our extensive background in mental health gives us that edgy advantage to support parents in raising mentally STRONG and HEALTHY bilinguals/multilinguals!

We are the TEAM you can trust!

What's so special with my method?

Neo, Commercial Director, 10yr old boy



呢個係好重要mindset change, 如果冇呢個改變,只會覺得學語言係一個burden, 依家只係改咗少少習慣,睇嘅模式唔同咗,誇張啲講,真係終生受用!(Video here) 

The method that changes your life

Even the teachers are inspired...

Stella, Teacher & mom to twin girls

其實我好多時都會受住外界嘅影響, 好急進、好追求眼見到嘅成果…譬如佢背咗幾多隻字, 點書幾多分,佢讀到邊間學校…


點解我當時決定要參加你嘅課程,係因為你好強小朋友嗰種國際視野、語文能力係由成個屋企建立畀佢,我諗呢啲唔係一時三刻喺學校嘅功課做到。(Video here) 

In just 90 minutes, you will learn how to raise a TRUE bilingual effortlessly!

Next Live: Saturday, 3 Aug 2024, 9:30pm (HKT)

Pre-training materials will be delivered via WhatsApp. 

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